Our Story

Amberbebe.com is now under new management. Founded in 2004 by Meredith Marshall amberbebe was the first/original company to supply quality amber products in Australia. Meredith and Lindsey Marshall were supplying quality amber products through amberbebe.com, however after the birth of their 7th child decided to move on to free up more time to spend with their children. See their story below.

In 2010 Denby and Brad Stokes took over the business and continued to supply superior amber products with second to none customer service. They have 4 children of their own and discovered this product after the birth of their 4th child and were so impressed with the natural beauty of amber and its extensive use throughout Europe, decided to buy the business.

“We have created and aura of wellbeing for our children using amber necklaces and we have also discovered that wearing amber encourages the tradition of calm, happiness and wealth in its adornment” – Denby Stokes. Four children and a business proved to be a little more than the Stokes wanted to take on so they enlisted the help of Denby’s sister Kirsty Holmes. The business is now owned and run by Kirsty and the family connection continues with cousin Michelle Hunnybun now part of the amberbebe team! “We are very passionate about baltic amber, providing quality service and a beautiful product and always get great joy out of hearing the success stories of our customers, friends and family” – Kirsty Holmes

If you have any questions or would like to contact us please feel free to drop us an email and we would be only too happy to help you in any way possible.

The original Amberbebe Necklace Story…by Meredith Marshall

amberbebe.com was created out of a necessity to survive, as my first husband died eight years ago and I was left a widow at 33 with three boys to bring up on my own. As my late husband was involved in the jewellery industry I decided to expand on the jewellery knowledge and contacts I had in the industry and to set up an on-line jewellery store. One of the products I was asked for on this jewellery site was amber. This inquiry then lead me on an extraordinary fact finding mission which taught me about amber necklaces, which is how www.amberbebe.com started.
I continued to maintain contact with the industry organisations and am proudly the only committee elected member of The International Amber Association (see guarantee), based in Poland. Belonging to the Amber Association endorses the products amberbebe.com sells as genuine Baltic Amber and Industry endorsed. This is not offered by any other sole retailer of Amber products in the world.

Whilst on this journey I met a wonderful man and we married one year after meeting now have total of seven boys, with baby seven born on Feb 14th 2011.

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